stories of communication.

Bebung, founded in 2015, is a creative consultancy based in Milan and directed by Valentina Russello. We focus on visual design solutions for both independent and commercial clients on a broad range of projects. Our process is research based.
We favor close collaborations to express our clients’ ideas, vision, and inspiration, turning these into a visual language system. We believe in beauty and timeless ideas.

Our approach is empathic and we love to work outside our comfort zone, explore new ways of thinking, and nurture an original outlook on the world. Each form of media is addressed by a different ability to imagine, in a variety of words and images based on the means of communication we use.



Everything is a “story”: launching a product, the service that offers a company, a book, or a magazine, a story for kids. We tell stories and build worlds to show the value of your brand. We offer alternative, unexpected, and creative solutions. If you want to be amazed, try us out.

Visual Design

Brand strategy
Logo design
Art direction
Editorial design
Exhibition design
Infographic design
Motion design


ADV & Below the line campaign

Web & Digital

Digital analysis and strategy
Social Media Management
Social media campaigns
Digital Content
Web design


Editing & Proofreading


Ambiente Italia, WeAreBeside, Conai, Cetem, Comieco, DeAgostini, Ecolamp, Fondazione Sostenibile, Demetra, De Vecchi, Giunti Scuola, Giunti Kids, Treccani, Goethe Institute, Hachette, La Scuola, Longanesi, Magazzini Salani, Mondadori Education, Mondadori Libri, Nord, Pearson, Pelledoca Editore, Rizzoli, Salani, Tea, Tre60, Vivida, White star.